Biblical Prophesy–are we living in the last days?

Pastor Lessing, Seminar Leader

Saturday, January 16 | 9am-3pm


In the midst of ongoing terrorism and chaos, pandemics and crazy politics, millions of people are looking for answers. Where are events in the Middle East taking us? Will there be a worldwide nuclear war? What about predictions of an all-out social, environmental, and economic meltdown? When is the Antichrist going to appear? What is the seven-year tribulation? Should I be rapture-ready? How should we understand the book of Revelation? Are we, in fact, living in the last days?


This Bible Seminar will address these issues and more. Participants will learn about Old Testament prophets, dig into the symbolism and rich numerology in Revelation and take a close look at the Left Behind novels and movies. Questions will be answered and comfort and hope in Christ will abound. Make plans now to be a part of this seminar either in-person or via zoom. Thank you to Thrivent Financial for sponsoring lunch. Invite your friends!

Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Church & School,

2950 Hwy 55, Eagan, MN 55121