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How do I schedule a wedding at TLO?

So you’re going to be married. What rich blessings are yours. Marriage is a high estate in God’s creation. It was God, Himself, who instituted marriage, and He promises to bless it. TLO offers pre-marriage education that includes PREPARE Couple Inventory and 12 hours of pre-marriage preparation. Contact the pastor to schedule a time to learn more about how TLO can help make your wedding a great day of celebration for you and your spouse. And through the pre-marriage education grow in understanding God’s plan for marriage.

Does TLO offer marriage ministry?

Marriage is beautiful and complex; its fluid and changes with time. Whether newlyweds or married for 50 years, marriage is worth it. Is your marriage seeking restoration or is in crisis? Maybe it’s time to invest in your marriage. TLO offers married couples a Marriage Checkup because God desires marriages to last. Marriage ministry through the pastor does not need to be intimidating. If you and your spouse are interested in renewing or restoring your marriage, talk with the pastor.

What do I do at the time of a birth or adoption? 

Please contact the church office when God has blessed your family with a new child.  Families are encouraged to have their child baptized without significant delay.  The pastor would like to meet with parents to prepare for your child’s baptism.

What if someone I love enters the hospital?

Please call the church office whenever you or a loved one is entering the hospital, released, or transferred to another care center. The pastoral staff and members at TLO wish to pray for those who are hospitalized, provide pastoral care and provide support for families.

What about Women’s Ministries? 

There are a variety of opportunities for women to join in Bible Class and service.  Please contact the Church Office for further information.

Does TLO have a Men’s Ministry?

TLO sponsors Men’s Network, a group affiliated with Lutheran Hour Ministries.  The purpose of the TLO Men’s Network is to ignite and challenge the faith lives of men through Bible study, impact events and fellowship.  To get on the TLO Men’s Network contact list, please contact TLO.

What service and fellowship opportunities are at Trinity Lone Oak? 

There are many opportunities to serve at Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Church & School (see the attached.  Consult the “Ministry Opportunities” list).  A copy of the “Ministry Opportunities” will be provided to new members at the Christian Discipleship Class.  All TLO members are highly encouragedasked to find at least one area where they you can serve to reach out with the Gospel and build up the body of Christ.

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