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We invite you to sign up for our large library of on-demand Bible study videos. 



Adult Bible class

Sundays   |   9:15am   |      TLO Gym

Join Pastor Kroonblawd for engaging topics to lead, guide and challenge your thinking.  Coffee and fellowship treats provided. Sunday school for ages 3 through grade 12 is held concurrently. Make it a great morning and be engaged in God’s Word on a regular basis!

Jeremiah—a Living Way Bible study

Mondays      |   10:00am       |     TLO Conference Room

We invite you to meet God’s unforgettable man named Jeremiah. Listen to his scorching sermons. Eavesdrop as he spills his guts and raves at God. Watch him as he wears a yoke around his neck for sermon illustrations. Sit with him in the mud at the bottom of a cistern, convinced he’s soon to die. And ask, as every listener must, “What is God telling me about my world, my church, and the role He wants me to play?” We are taking an abbreviated tour of Jeremiah’s life and ministry. We will not be covering every chapter, nor will we be reading everything in order, but you will be challenged and enlightened!



Young Adult's Bible Study

Third Thursdays   |   7:00pm   |   TLO

Being a young adult isn’t easy – it’s a strange, transitory time in your life. It’s a time when we need solid friends, personal growth, and God’s wisdom more than ever. You will find all those and more through Trinity Lone Oak's young adult ministry because God knows we need it. Young adults 25-35 are invited to our monthly gatherings on the 3rd Thursday of the month for good drinks & discussion. In B.R.E.W. we're all about Building Relationships and Exploring the Word. Questions? Contact the church office.


Men's Bible Study

Wednesdays   |   6:30am   |   Conference Room

Provoking Proverbs, a probe into the Book of Proverbs in the context of The Ten Commandments, is a unique view of Proverb's wisdom.  Our Rev. Dr. Reed Lessing has provided this glowing review: Dr. Coe's "idea of categorizing individual proverbs by means of the Ten Commandments is brilliant.  Thoroughly biblical and confessionally Lutheran, this study is a gift to all who long to incorporate more biblical wisdom into their lives." 


Women of the Word (WOW) Bible Study

Fridays     |     9:00am     |     TLO Conference Room

“We speak good news, and not just any good news. We speak the Good News –the Gospel – of Christ and Him crucified. If we're going to be the church, we don't really have a choice: It is what God has given to His people to proclaim.” The We Preach Christ Crucified Bible Study was written for the 2023 Convention of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS). The lessons will deepen our faith in Christ; the time together will deepen our relationships with each other. Join us!

Women's Bible Study

Saturdays, once or twice monthly  |   9:00-10:00am     

Using a Bible Study book written by Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, "Casting Stones", based on Ecclesiastes chapter 3, this women’s group explores the seasonal ebb and flow of life and wrestling with the place of difficult concepts like hate, uprooting, and tears in our lives.  Whether you are in a season of joy or a season of struggle, "Casting Stones" will tend to your soul and guide you through Scripture to find deeper meaning in each day.  If you are interested in joining this study group, please email the church office for details. The book can be purchased through Amazon. 


Privileged to Pray

First day of the month   |   6:30pm   |   in home

Our group sets apart the first day of every month for wonderful fellowship and a dedicated hour of prayer.  Open to singles and couples, we welcome men and women of all ages. Bring your Bible and a heart ready for prayer. Contact the church office for in-home location.

Moms in Prayer

Meeting monthly    |     schedule eclectic 

You’re invited to join with TLO other moms to pray on behalf of your child(ren), their teachers and school. Contact the church office for our monthly schedule.

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