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We invite you to sign up for our large library of on-demand Bible study videos. 




Sundays   |   9:15am   |      TLO Gym

2023 is The Year of Matthew at TLO! During our Sunday morning Bible class, we will look at Matthew's gospel’s major themes, key ideas and how this ancient document intersects with our lives in personal and powerful ways. Coffee and treats are served at no cost. Join us!

John—a Living Way Bible study

Mondays      |   10:00am       |     TLO Conference Room

The Gospel of John, our Living Way Bible Study, will dig deep into John's Gospel that teaches the story of Jesus with tremendous clarity and force. Often using simple words, John conveys complex truths and writes so all may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. Now is a great time for you to join Pastor Kroonblawd and this dedicated group as we begin a new book, the 20th Bible study course since we began using the Living Way Bible Studies


Men's Bible Study

Wednesdays   |   6:30am   |   Conference Room

This vibrant men’s group studies a variety of topics, all grounded in God’s Word.  Come deepen your faith as we apply this Gospel message to our lives. 


Women of the Word (WOW) Bible Study

Fridays     |     9:00am     |     TLO Conference Room

Creation, New Creation*, a LifeLight Bible Study from CPH


from the study: “God's highest creation on the earth is man and woman. They are created for fellowship with God. As God's representatives over creation, they are to cultivate the earth's resources and, with the attitude of mutual respect, care and provide for those different than themselves. Moreover, man and woman, as husband and wife, are to be faithful and of mutual service to each other as they reflect the love of God, who in Jesus Christ is shown to be self-giving. Through constant dependence upon the God of creative love and constant fellowship with Him through Jesus Christ, each person's life reaches its fullest meaning.” Author: R. Reed Lessing; © 2010


Join us for engaging study and a coffee-break treat each week. For more info, contact the church office.

Women's Bible Study

Saturdays, once or twice monthly  |   9:00-10:00am     

Using a Bible Study book written by Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, "Casting Stones", based on Ecclesiastes chapter 3, this women’s group explores the seasonal ebb and flow of life and wrestling with the place of difficult concepts like hate, uprooting, and tears in our lives.  Whether you are in a season of joy or a season of struggle, "Casting Stones" will tend to your soul and guide you through Scripture to find deeper meaning in each day.  If you are interested in joining this study group, please email the church office for details. The book can be purchased through Amazon. 


Privileged to Pray

First day of the month   |   6:30pm   |   in home

Our group sets apart the first day of every month for wonderful fellowship and a dedicated hour of prayer.  Open to singles and couples, we welcome men and women of all ages. Bring your Bible and a heart ready for prayer. Contact the church office for in-home location.

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