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Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran School

Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Church & School is blessed to provide a highly acclaimed Christian Preschool and Elementary School. Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran School is a ministry of Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Church.  This ministry provides a quality education (preschool through eighth grade) in a Christian setting.  TLO students receive instruction in the Christian faith as a part of the regular curriculum.  The Mission of Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran School is:

“Equipping children for life-long learning and service by nurturing hearts and minds in Christ.”

For more information contact TLO School Principal: Kathryn Jones or TLO Preschool Director Heather Bielec at 651-454-1139.

Lutheran School Policy


Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran School and Preschool are operated by Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Church.  Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Church and School is a nonprofit corporation holding membership in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS).


Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran School and Preschool is a school with a mission, but it is more than that. TLO considers its school to be a mission, one form of Christian mission to its members and to the community. LCMS Christians believe that the purpose of education is not only to prepare people for life in this world, but to “make people wise unto salvation through faith in Jesus Christ” (1 Tim. 3:15).


Christian beliefs, as understood and taught in the LCMS, pervade everything that is done at Trinity Lone Oak Church and School. Christian instruction is integrated into the study of every subject. Students are immersed in a Christian atmosphere, surrounded by pastors, teachers, administrators, and school employees whose very presence is a testimonial to the Christian faith and way of life.

TLO Church and School Partnership

TLO congregation and TLO community members are encouraged to support the ministry of the school. There are many ways TLO community members can be involved:


  • Become a prayer partner. As a prayer partner you are encouraged to send cards, write notes of encouragement and pray for the student throughout the year. Talk with the school staff to learn how you can become a prayer partner.


  • Attend the TLO Tiger Gala. The gala includes a dinner, silent auction, live auction and bidding online for those who are unable to attend in person. The Tiger Gala is one of two major fundraisers TLO School does each year (the marathon being the other one). Funds raised from the Tiger Gala are used to help keep tuition low for all families. 

TLO School Tiger Times

Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran School provides a weekly newsletter for parents when school is in session.  To subscribe by email to the Tiger Times contact the school office.

Find out what TLO community members love about our school:

To learn more, visit the TLO School website:

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