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Sunday School Offerings and Missions:

Rev. Nicholas Jacinto and Rev. Celestino Kaka, Lutheran pastors from South Sudan are attending Concordia Sem in St Louis. Rev. Nicholas is the Principal of Concordia Sem in Yambio, South Sudan. Rev. Celestino serves as an ordained pastor. Both pastors are from South Sudan.


Concordia Seminary of Yambio, South Sudan, East Africa has recently developed a new “English as a Second Language“ program to help equip Lutheran pastors for East Africa.  The program will help candidates for the Holy Ministry to speak, read, write and comprehend the English language.  The students come from many different Tribal languages and so the English language is used to instruct students at Concordia Seminary, Yambio. 


The six month ESL program is projected to cost $40,000.   We have a great Director who has agreed to serve seven months in tropical East Africa. The ESL class is scheduled for May 1 to Nov 1, 2024. 40 students will attend this special effort to graduate effective pastors for Gospel outreach.


TLO’s 2023-24 Sunday school offerings will help this project be successful. Let us pray that God will bless these efforts to prepare Lutheran Pastors for the Holy Ministry. 

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